Result: Stragglers of Asia won by 3 wickets.

Match Report:  


Despite an overcast forecast, the mood was enthusiastic and friendly on the morning of the match. As usual, Ascott Park had prepared a decent track and the ground and estate looked fabulous.With two draws and a win under our belts, Allsop made his one contribution to the game by winning the toss and duly elected to bowl.

Gosh the Grannies openers were decent batsman. This was going to be tough. Measured and disciplined batting saw the score rise quickly with 4s being the batsmen’s choice of scoring. With Parkinson picking up anything short with some aplomb and Parkinson (5’23” apparently) playing with a beautifully straight bat saw them race to 115 in just 20 overs.The first change bowlers (Billy Gravett and Paddy McDuell) sensed fatigue setting in and with that came the break through with the score at 140.

The tide changed quickly: Billy taking two quite marvellous catches off Paddy’s tight bowling and then Billy’s luck with the ball started to change. LBWs and straight bowled were the order for the remaining of the innings. Grannies scored just 76 runs for the remaining 9 wickets. We left the field with high spirits.

With Phil McDuell falling LBW early on it was Russell and Salter who built the foundation for our innings. Both timed the ball well, but both fell in the high forties. While it was a shame that one (or both) did not go on, our relatively sedate run chase was dealt with aplomb by Messrs Alexei Franks, Paddy McDuell and Billy Gravett with around 8 overs spare.

Team Batting First: Grannies

  Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 J Streater Ct B Gravett Pa McDuell 68
2 A Parkinson Ct B Gravett Pa McDuell 58
3 H Don LBW B Gravett 0
4 R Bethwaite Bowled B Gravett 18
5 T Hoskyns LBW Pa McDuell 6
6 K Chibber NOT OUT 15
7 M Pougatch LBW B Gravett 0
8 D Don Bowled  B Gravett 7
9 O Butler Bowled B Gravett 9
10 T Gibbs Ct Salter Franks 4


M Fernie RUN OUT 0
      Extras: 26 TOTAL: 214 all out


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
M Hunt 10 0 50 0
J Allsop 5 0 33 0
B Gravett 16 1 48 5
Pa McDuell 13 4 59 3
A Franks 1 0 5 1


Team Batting Second: Stragglers of Asia

  Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 W Russell Ct H Don 46
2 Ph McDuell LBW Butler 0
3 I Salter LBW H Don 48
4 M Shales Ct D Don 15
5 A Franks Ct D Don 34
6 T Bond Ct Fernie 0
7 Pa McDuell NOT OUT 27
8 A Asher+ Ct D Don 4
9 B Gravett NOT OUT 18
10 J Allsop* DID NOT BAT
      Extras: 29 TOTAL: 217


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Butler 8 1 47 3
Gibbs 6 1 24 0
H Don 9 2 23 2
Bethwaite 7 0 37 0
Fernie 9 0 42 1
D Don 4 0 20 1
K Chibber 1 0 12 0


Umpires: Terry Wilkinson