Chairman presents the Patiala Bowl

Team batting first: Eastbourne College 

Batsman How out Bowler Score
1 Streets O Bowled Vila 62
2 Lucas W Ct Phillips James J 50
3 Muyeye T  Ct & Bowled James J 39
4 Logan F Bowled Phillips 60
5 Pocklington J Ct Phillips Vila 4
6 Tagg H * Bowled Phillips 22
7 Coomber T Not Out 2
8 Hounsell B Not Out 7
9 Bradley S Did Not Bat
10 Fox B + Did Not Bat
11 Pratt J Did Not Bat
Extras 9
For 6 wickets (35 overs) 255
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Phillips 6 0 46 2
Vila 7 0 42 2
Fidler 7 0 41 0
James J 7 0 44 2
Cavanagh 5 0 44 0
Lerwill 3 0 32 0

Team batting second: Stragglers of Asia

Batsman How out Bowler Score
1 McDuell Ph St Fox Pratt 2
2 James J Ct Muyeye Lucas 14
3 Porter D LBW Hounsell 9
4 Cavanagh J * Bowled Lucas 0
5 James M Ct Logan Pocklington 15
6 Bennie H Bowled Muyeye 13
7 Fidler C Bowled Bradley 2
8 Lerwill T Bowled Bradley 0
9 Perry I + LBW Bradley 4
10 Vila T Not Out 14
11 Phillips C Not Out 0
Extras 8
For 9 wickets (35 overs) 81
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Pratt 4 0 10 1
Hounsell 5 1 10 1
Pocklington 7 1 20 1
Lucas 6 2 8 2
Bradley 4 0 9 3
Coomber 6 1 12 0
Muyeye 3 0 8 1

In superb weather Stragglers converged on Eastbourne for the annual contest for the Patiala Bowl, played to recent custom to 35 over limited format.

Stragglers won the toss and inserted the College on a pitch still a little damp and soft from the ‘thousand lightning strikes’ storms of a few days before. Phillips and Vila opened the bowling, suffering the occasional bit of bad luck as outside and inside edges squirted away, but for the most part the College opening batsmen looked very well organised and comfortable.  Stragglers rotated the bowling in an attempt to manage the scoring rate.  Guest Charlie Fidler bowled tidily, in two spells, but particularly impressive was the off-spin of newly-elected Joel James, achieving some good turn and bowling his 7 overs straight through to finish with 2-44, one wicket falling to an excellent catch by Charlie Phillips, one of his two great grabs on the day.  The College batsmen increased the scoring rate, peppering the Grange Road ice cream van with sixes whenever Stragglers bowlers dropped short.   Vila, Fidler and Phillips came back for good, accurate late spells, punishing the College batsmen who took liberties, but the College were able to post a total that looked difficult to beat.

The Stragglers reply never really got going.  Phil McDuell was unlucky to be given out stumped, and then very quickly it seemed guest Porter went LBW followed by Cavanagh bowled off the inside edge; from there wickets fell regularly with only Joel James, Mike James, Harry Bennie and Tom Vila getting into double figures.  The loss by 174 runs reflects the impressive strength of the College XI, but also a disappointing performance by Stragglers with the bat.  

In pleasant sunshine and after a few remarks the chairman presented the Eastbourne College skipper with the Patiala Bowl….again!   Better luck next year.