The Stragglers of Asia CC (the SoA) requires to hold and occasionally publish personal information provided by club members in the pursuit of effective operation of the club. With the coming into law of GDPR each member must give consent to SoA for this.

The SoA will hold members’ names, contact details and cricketing specialisms (“personal information”), and use these in order to provide information on club activities and news, and to manage membership, using e-mail, surface post and telephone. The principal use will be by Match Managers and event organisers. Some personal information listed above will be published in the club handbook issued to club members and officers. The SoA will not pass on or share this information with outside parties, for instance for commercial/marketing purposes. The SoA will retain personal information for the duration of membership and for a reasonable period not exceeding 2 years after cessation of membership, in order to facilitate any appropriate renewal process where a membership lapse has occurred. It is not the intention ever to share members’ personal data outside the club, beyond that necessary for normal, effective operation of the club (for example copies of the fixture card are exchanged with our opposition clubs).

Members have various rights in law under GDPR but most pertinent for now – as the 2019 handbook is prepared – are each member’s rights to restrict what personal information is held and how it is used, and the right to withdraw consent for its publication. Any member who wishes to exercise these rights is invited to make this clear to any committee member as soon as possible.

More detail will be communicated to members individually, and reflected in the revised club data protection policy.