v MCC – A very welcome break for an excellent lunch…

v MCC – Ian P doing his best to keep up with the MCC batsmen….

v Adastrians – Stragglers top order prepare to do battle

v Adastrians – The McDuells: combined bowling figures of 37-7-121-6!

Another excellent track at Sunbury

Golf Day 5th August – The Chail Chancers: Eyre Maunsell, Ramesh Sethi, Harry Patel (friend of Ramesh) and Jamie Bebb.

Golf Day 5th August – The Patiala Pluggers: Billy King-Harman, Peter Marno, Janak Patel and Peter Allcock (KK Guest)

v Army – Tom Whyte prepares to bowl at a leafy and lush Aldershot

v Hurlingham – Peacock did not stop play

v Hurlingham – Charlie Phillips striking cleanly

v Hurlingham – Sye batting watchfully

v Guards – Straggler Harry Pilcher … playing for Guards CC on the day – and at the wicket when Guards CC secured victory … sets about his birthday celebrations

v Guards – The chairman’s best impression of a straight bat

v Guards – Burton Court looking a picture

v Eastbourne College – Chairman presents Patiala Bowl

v Northchurch – Stragglers XI, with Barbara and Michael

v Pangbourne College – College ground looking a picture

v Pangbourne College – (from left) Ian Perry (mm), Phil McDuell (capt), and Hugh Garway-Templeman (guest/candidate).

v MCC – Tom Whyte bowling