Result: Abandoned due to the weather


With the poor weather at the start of the season, our 3rd listed fixture became our 1st game of the season. While our first few overs were a little loose (20 runs conceded in the first 2 overs) we soon sharpened up and for the next 31 overs before lunch we conceded just 104 runs off the bat. With extras The Hurlingham Club had passed 150 by lunch, which was when the rain came down, but we had taken 5 great wickets. Tony Hooper picked up 3, Swifty and Assad took 1 each (although both deserved more given the quality of their bowling). While Rory didn’t take a wicket, he created chances in each of his 6 overs.

With high hopes of the rain stopping, we returned from a leisurely lunch, only for the rain to be set in for the afternoon.

Team Batting First: The Hurlingham Club

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 R Cripps NOT OUT 67
2 S Kennedy Ct Asher+ P Swift 18
3 J Robson LBW A Naeem 4
4 O Logan+ LBW T Hooper 22
5 J Hopton Ct G Singh T Hooper 11
6 J White Ct A Naeem T Hooper 0
7 E Salt NOT OUT 2
8 C Dewhurst DID NOT BAT
9 G Brooksbank
10 S Hatteea


J Kennedy*
Extras: 31 TOTAL: 155 for 5


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
P Swift 9 0 45 1
A Naeem 11 1 41 1
T Hooper 7 1 21 3
R Lavery 6 2 17 0
G Singh 2 0 13 0


Team Batting Second: Stragglers of Asia

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 J Allsop DID NOT BAT
2 A Asher+ DID NOT BAT
3 T Carter
4 R Lavery
5 H Pilcher
6 P Swift
7 S Razvi*
8 T Hooper
9 W Russell
10 G Singh
11 A Naeem
Extras: TOTAL:


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets


Umpires: Lawrence Fernandes