Result: Won by 57 runs.

Match Report:

Sunday 9 September 2018 Stragglers of Asia vs Broadhalfpenny Brigands

Result: Won by 57 runs

Team Batting First: Stragglers of Asia

 BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1D Hands (g)Run Out 71
2I PerryLBWP Woolvine2
3S CollinsCt A WoolvineH Woolvine2
4J ParkerBowledH Woolvine0
5T HarrisCt H WoolvineA Woolvine8
6R TaylorCt BillingMoore3
7J HoltNot Out 15
8J Royan (g)BowledBilling15
9T LerwillBowledA Woolvine3
10B King-HarmanBowledA Woolvine0


   Extras: 41TOTAL: 119 (all out)


Woolvine H81392
Woolvine P80421
Woolvine A112193
Moore C31221
Beardall M6.11211
Billing N1041


Team Batting Second: Broadhalfpenny Brigands

 BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1E Lovett-TurnerBowledJ Parker5
2A WoolvineLBWJ Royan1
3H WoolvineLBWJ Royan9
4N BillingBowledJ Parker2
5G InglisLBWB King-Harman2
6C MooreBowledJ Royan0
7J FaulknerCt HandsB King-Harman10
8R TrusslerBowledB King-Harman1
9M BeardallRun Out 14
10P WoolvineBowledD Hands8
11H BatesNot Out 0
   Extras: 10TOTAL: 62 all out


J Parker94152
J Royan6263
B King-Harman72123
T Lerwill50200
D Hands1021


Umpires: John Musters