Result: Won by 57 runs.

Match Report:

We arrived at the ground as a gentle Southwesterley blew the clouds 

Northward.By tea-time it was a warm September day.Stragglers began 

cautiously.We were pegged down by the Woolvine brothers.Only guest,

Dom Hand from Lymington got on top of the bowling with a classy 70.

41  extras helped us to A modest 160.Tea found the match manager 

locked out of his car with the Port inside!

Brigands also found it slow going.Only two reached double figures.

Parker scythed through the Brigands like an MTB on steroids!

With help from guest Josh Royan and Old trouper Billy King-Harman,

fresh from his exploits in France.Ian Perry,having not unduly troubled the scorer applied himself 

to the car to rescue the port. With the aid of two wire coat hangers.

Stragglers won convincingly by 98 runs.Before the port was liberated.

The warm summer evening ended on the terrace of the Bat & Ball.

AA arrived with much technical paraphernalia and we saved the Port.

The AA finally gained access…with the aid of a coat hanger!

Mike Halliwell(Match Manager)

Team Batting First: Stragglers of Asia

BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1D Hands (g)Run Out71
2I PerryLBWP Woolvine2
3S CollinsCt A WoolvineH Woolvine2
4J ParkerBowledH Woolvine0
5T HarrisCt H WoolvineA Woolvine8
6R TaylorCt BillingMoore3
7J HoltNot Out15
8J Royan (g)BowledBilling15
9T LerwillBowledA Woolvine3
10B King-HarmanBowledA Woolvine0


Extras: 41TOTAL: 119 (all out)


Woolvine H81392
Woolvine P80421
Woolvine A112193
Moore C31221
Beardall M6.11211
Billing N1041


Team Batting Second: Broadhalfpenny Brigands

BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1E Lovett-TurnerBowledJ Parker5
2A WoolvineLBWJ Royan1
3H WoolvineLBWJ Royan9
4N BillingBowledJ Parker2
5G InglisLBWB King-Harman2
6C MooreBowledJ Royan0
7J FaulknerCt HandsB King-Harman10
8R TrusslerBowledB King-Harman1
9M BeardallRun Out14
10P WoolvineBowledD Hands8
11H BatesNot Out0
Extras: 10TOTAL: 62 all out


J Parker94152
J Royan6263
B King-Harman72123
T Lerwill50200
D Hands1021


Umpires: John Musters