Played at Sunbury Cricket Club

Result: Lost by 2 wickets


Following the previous success of this fixture (in memory of Wild Bill Kincaid) Stragglers were kindly invited back by Sunbury Squires on a blazing hot day. Nothwithstanding the natural tendency of both sides to favour declaration cricket, the heat and the fact that some of the younger Sunbury players were required for an evening Colt’s match meant that the game was 35 overs a side. Any disappointment amongst the purists on either side at the encroachment of limited overs soon evaporated when they came to field on a truly fast and rather large outfield – especially as Sunbury only had a side of 10 and the Stragglers had only 9 on the field!.

Stragglers went into bat and despite quickly losing a couple of wickets, soon had the scoreboard ticking over nicely. Matt Shales was the lynchpin and he was ably supported by Messrs Lerwill, Kelly (guest), Harris and Nelson-Jones. On what was a terribly hot August day, 239 in 35 overs was felt to be a great total.

Sunbury’s opening bowler, was also one of their opening bats. At just 13, Ramazan had bowled with style and began batting with some serious style. Luckily for us, Pollock-Hill managed to out fox him and a good run out of the other opener meant we were beginning to get some traction. While we continued to take wickets, Khan scored quickly and it was not long before he was closing in on a century. A huge shot to midwicket looked likely to sail over the boundary, but a panting Allsop managed to get there just in time and take a good catch, much to the surprise of the team. Unfortunately the damage had been done and it took a clever partnership between Armitage and Young to see Sunbury get over the line on the penultimate ball.

It’s always a real pleasure to participate in a 70 over game with nearly 500 runs scored to go down to the wire. A great win for Sunbury.

At tea, the Sunbury match manager (Nobby) spoke fondly of Wild Bill. Joe Cavangh then presented Sunbury with a Stragglers Shield with the engraving referencing the Bill Kincaid Memorial matches between SoA and Sunbury. A fitting reminder of the love and memories both clubs have for Bill.

Team Batting First: Stragglers of Asia

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 Joe Cavanagh Caught Khan 13
2 James Allsop Caught Ramazan 12
3 Matt Shales Caught Kumar 60
4 Tim Lerwill Bowled Khan 23
5 James Kelly Caught H Singh 34
6 Chris Brewster Stumped H Singh 4
7 Tim Harris NOT OUT 49
8 Leo Nelson-Jones NOT OUT 20
9 Robert Pollock-Hill DID NOT BAT
10 Sunbury 1 DID NOT BAT


Extras: 20 TOTAL: 239


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
S Ramazan 7 2 29 1
D Price 3 0 20 0
A Khan 6 0 30 2
J Vadgama 4 1 30 0
R Singh 5 0 37 0
H Singh 7 0 36 2
S Kumar 3 0 34 1


Team Batting Second: Sunbury

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 D Vadgama RUN OUT 35
2 Ramazan Bowled Pollock-Hill 29
3 Khan Ct Allsop Lerwill 90
4 Nichols Bowled Cavanagh 9
5 R Singh Ct Shales Nelson-Jones 25
6 J Vadgama Bowled Nelson-Jones 8
7 Armitage NOT OUT 10
8 H Singh Ct Brewster Nelson-Jones 1
9 S Young NOT OUT 20
10 Nobby DID NOT BAT
Extras: 12 TOTAL: 243


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Pollock-Hill 6 0 34 1
Lerwill 7 0 36 1
Brewster 3.5 0 38 0
Shales 0.2 0 1 0
Cavanagh 7.4 0 22 1
Nelson-Jones 7 0 53 3
Allsop 4 0 21 0

Umpire: Eyre Maunsell