Thursday April 26th 2018 at 1900 hrs
















Joe Cavanagh (JC)                                Club Chairman                                                                                                                                                                       

Simon Collins (STC)                               Club Secretary

Brinde Collins (BSDC)                            Club Treasurer

Ian Perry (IP)                                          Fixture Secretary

Matt Shales (MJWS)                               Match Secretary

James Allsop (JWRA)                             Chair of Cricket

Ian Salter (IS)                                          Co-opted member

Will Russell (WR)                                    Co-opted member

Conor Brown (CB)                                   Co-opted member

Lawrence Fernandes (LF)                       Club member

Shiv Datt (SD)                                         Club member



Apologies received and noted from: Billy King-Harman, Brian Woodbridge, Tim Lerwill, Eyre Maunsell, John Quin, Stephen Carr-Smith, David Lawson, Geoff Hartley, Mark Winstanley, Peter Fielding, David Kenyon, Mike Halliwell, Peter Salisbury, David Harrison, Barry Aitken, Paddy Savage, John Cook, Tim Coombe, Tony Skipper, Edward Fulbrook, Peter Marno, Nino Trapani, Mustapha Rajabali, Alex Asher, Tim Carter, Charlie Phillips, Jolyon Griffiths, Will Blackhurst.


Item Discussion and Decisions Action
Item 1

2017 Minutes and Matters Arising

No matters outstanding from the minutes of the last meeting.


2017 AGM Minutes were passed.






Prop: STC

Sec: WR


Item 2

Chairman’s Report


The Chairman thanked members of Committee for their support over the past year.


An electronic version of the Chairman’s report is attached to these minutes.




Item 3

Cricket Report





JWRA read an abbreviated version of the full report to the members present. Full report is attached to these minutes.


SD raised the question as to what was the main reason of losing fixtures and state of difficulty in raising teams.


JWRA replied that the main cause of downturn, which it was agreed was endemic in wandering club cricket, is often down to geographical location


Item 4

Treasurer’s report: YTE 2017 accounts






A set of YTE’17 accounts and report was circulated by BSDC. A copy of which is circulated with these minutes. The 2017 accounts were accepted as an accurate statement of the financial well-being of the club:

Prop: WR

Sec: CB


In order to assist the club find extra revenue SD suggested that an HTML be sent out to the non-playing membership to help by contributing voluntary payments as a donation. The Committee thanked him for this suggestion which would be discussed at the next meeting.


Item 5

Club Secretary’s Report


STC reported on the following:


–        The annual Committee club dinner is confirmed for November 2nd, 2018 at the East India Club at 1900 for 1930 hrs. Dress Code Black tie

–        STC read out an update from Hong Kong from our representative there Mark Winstanley. Our last fixture having been washed out due to bad weather.

–        STC announced the sad passing of Richard Lambourne a member of many years and also updated those present on the status of Geoff Hartley’s health.


The Secretary then announced those new members and Candidates for 2018/9.


Those who were elected to full membership of the club effective for the 2018 season as follows:


Leo Nelson-Jones

Chris Brewster

Dhiraj Patel

Fred Cross

Rob Bell

Sibghat Khan


Candidates elected as follows for 2019 membership:


Alexei Franks

Owen Cheverton

Hamish Tester

Graham Grace

Benedict Maciejewski

Vinnie O’Neill

Tim Harris

Sidney Yankson

Item 6

Election of Officers and Other Committee members for 2018





The Committee and Officers of the club for 2018 remain the same as 2017 with no additions or resignations.








Item 7









  1. SD suggested reviewing and keeping a close eye on the Eastbourne fixture thus ensuring we always put out a full and active X1.
  2. IS stated that the website is currently difficult to navigate. This was noted and will be discussed at next meeting and very much a WIP (work in progress)
  3. MJWS stated that he is the process of raising the profile for the forthcoming touring Australian IZ match and an HTML has been prepared for BSDC to mail out to the membership electronically


There being no other business the meeting closed at 20.15 hrs



ST Collins                                                J Cavanagh

Secretary                                                 Chairman





A)    Chairman’s statement

B)    Accounts for the year ended 30th November 2017

C)   Cricket report




All members of Committee and attendees listed.