Result: Stragglers won by 9 wickets

Report: In many ways, the 2017 Adastrians fixture was a good reminder that the stresses of arranging for (approximately) eleven people to appear for a game of cricket are invariably worthwhile. Having had 12 players at a certain point on the Friday, by 11am on match day, we were but 9, with several of our number laid low by various ailments, and the outlook was gloomy.

However, upon arrival, we found Vine Lane resplendent in sunshine, Asif reporting that Iky, who had been hospitalised the day before with an asthma attack, had declared himself fit, making us ten, and the skipper had won the toss and inserted the Adastrians.

Steve Booth and guest Richard Craig set about opening the bowling with great skill and discipline, swiftly reducing the Adastrians to 38/5, with three wickets for Craig and two for Booth. The captain then brought himself on for his first bowl for the club, and proceeded to restrict the Adastrians with some gentle seamers, while Leo Nelson-Jones wreaked havoc at the other end, taking three wickets, bowling Adastrians out for 98, with 8 overs of their 40 left unused. This was a strong all-round performance in the field, led by excellent opening bowling, and leg spin from Leo, but also backed up by safe catching and tight fielding, particularly with only ten men.

Joe Cavanagh and Asif Padhani set about the Adastrians bowling with gusto, snuffing out any hope Adastrians may have had of coming back into the game, and reinforcing the truth that small targets are best attacked positively. Joe eventually fell for 46, although by then the target was well in sight. Asif ended 33 not out, with James Allsop 6 not out alongside him, bringing the Stragglers home to win by 9 wickets.

Team Batting First: Adastrians


  Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 R Wood Bowled Craig 10
2 A Gunarnardan Bowled Booth 6
3 I Gillies Ct Booth Craig 6
4 R Bell Bowled Booth 1
5 C Squires LBW Craig 1
6 O Cheverton Ct J Cavanagh Nelson-Jones 19
7 N Smith Ct M Cavanagh Nelson-Jones 12
8 R Evans Ct Booth Nelson Jones 23
9 B Rundle Ct J Cavanagh Asher 2
10 J Balamunigan NOT OUT 5
      Extras: 13 TOTAL: 98 all out


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
S Booth 5 2 17 2
R Craig 8 3 9 3
A Asher 8 1 32 1
L Nelson-Jones 8 4 18 3
I Choudry 3 0 17 0


Team Batting Second: Stragglers of Asia

  Batsman How Out Bowler Score
1 J Cavanagh Ct Cheverton 46
2 A Padhani NOT OUT 33
3 J Allsop NOT OUT 6
4 M Cavanagh DID NOT BAT
5 A Franks + (g)      
6 S Booth      
7 L Nelson-Jones      
8 A Asher *      
9 R Craig (g)      
10 I Choudry (g)      
      Extras: 13 TOTAL: 99 for 1


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
A Gunarnardan 4 0 23 0
R Evans 6 1 12 0
J Balamunigan 4 0 34 0
O Cheverton 3.5 0 18 1
R Wood 2 0 3 0