Thursday 7 August Stragglers of Asia vs Bluemantles

Result: Lost by 6 wickets

Team Batting First: Stragglers of Asia

 BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1I SalterCaught J MastinC Dawson50
2M Ahmed (c)BowledL McIlwraith0
3S RazviBowledT Thomas78
4R Boulter (g)Caught S HaydonE Thomas0
5L MunroStumped R ArthurE Thomas0
6O GibsonStumped R ArthurE Thomas57
7J Howie (g)NOTOUT11
8C Brown (capt)   
9E Burton (c)   
10T Odgen (g)   


K Davey (g)   
   Extras: 43TOTAL: 239-6 dec




L McIlwraith52440
S Haydon103440
T Thomas5.51131
E Thomas141593
J Mastin50350
C Dawson62230
A Starling30230
S Jackson40180




Team Batting Second: Bluemantles

 BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1A StarlingBowledK Davey4
2S JacksonNOTOUT143
3C DawsonBowledT Odgen12
4S BikerCaught Ian SalterJ Howie12
5R Arthur (+)Caught Rex BoulterJ Howie24
6S HaydonNOTOUT28
8J Mastin   
9E Thomas   
10T Thomas   
11L McIlwraith   
   Extras: 17TOTAL: 240 for 4
E Burton71580
K Davey9.11521
T Ogden70531
J Howie80482
R Boulter20230




Scorer: DJ Gittings

Umpires: I Fraser

Report: The Stragglers arrived looking forward to playing once more at the glorious Nevil ground, which is usually a batsman’s paradise. However, after some rain the night before the toss became more important. Needless to say the author lost it and we were put in to bat.


After an early wicket Ian Salter was joined at the crease by Sye Razvi. The two of them applied themselves and got through a very tricky period with the ball doing a lot. The Bluemantles were not giving much away and progress was slow. Ian having battled to his half century finally succumbed. This triggered a mini collapse with a couple more wickets to fall without troubling the score. At this point Sye was joined by guest Ollie Gibson. Ollie knew the rate needed to be upped and he did just that with some serious hitting taking him to a very quick 57. Sye was finally removed after digging in for his 78. After a quick cameo from James Howie and conscious that we had batted longer than we had planned we declared on 239.

The wicket improved dramatically as the day went on and with the weather now set fair the Bluemantles set about chasing what was a fairly modest total for the ground. That being said the opening bowlers Edd Burton and Kieran Davey worked hard and should have been rewarded for this. Kieran in particular had a very good LBW appeal turned down with our first ball. Depressingly, the batsman went on to score 143 not out. His innings were brutal and took the game away from us despite the team fighting until the last.

As always we were looked after handsomely by our hosts and the Nevil remains one of the best grounds we play at.