Sunday 24 August Stragglers of Asia vs Adastrians

Result: Won by 167 runs

Team Batting First: Stragglers of Asia

 BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1J CavanaghCaught wktT Casey76
2Y VoraCaught BoardmanA Shaw24
3A Padhani (capt)Caught wktJ Jayaraj15
4N Butt (g)Caught wktJ Jayaraj0
5R Hudson (g)NOTOUT100
6A Other (g)Caught Bell 9
7M CavanaghCaught & bowledM Hasbrig-Hartley7
8F Ansari (g)NOTOUT13
9A Trapani (+)NOTOUT0
10Ashwin (g)DIDNOTBAT


   Extras: 25TOTAL: 269


A Shaw60320
J Jayaraj80393
M Tope71320
T Casey60451
R Boardman60320
M H-Hartley60311
J Seifriss40301


Team Batting Second: Adastrians

 BatsmanHow OutBowlerScore
1M TofeBowledAshwin0
2T CaseyBowledB Samson24
3R BellCaught A TrapaniAshwin0
4GunawardenaCaught A PadhaniB Samson6
5R BoardmanCaughtAshwin7
6J JayarajBowledAshwin0
7A ShawCaughtN Butt7
8B RundleNOTOUT27
9M H-HartleyCaughtF Ansari4
10J SeifreissCaughtF Ansari4
   Extras: 20TOTAL: 102


B Samson84262
F Ansari51211
N Butt53102
M Cavanagh3160


Report: The match took place on a cloudy but intermittently sunny day at Vine Lane. The opening salvo was won by the Stragglers having won the toss and electing to form a bridgehead on a typically hard track.

Joe Cavanagh opened the innings, digging himself in, creating a stable base for later reinforcements who duly arrived. The most notable of which was Richard Hudson who scored 100 not out in 79 balls. We posted a score of 269-7 declared in 49.1 overs in 178 minutes.

The Adastrians reply was blunted and ripped apart by the opening bowlers. Ashwin taking 5 wickets for 28 off 8.3 overs and Samson taking 2 wickets for 26 off 8 overs.

The battle was won by Stragglers having bowled out the Adastrians for 102 runs, the margin of victory being 167 runs.